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Second Screeners – We Watch, Do You?

IMG_1353.JPGHorror fans were treated to some time with splatter royalty this weekend at Dragon Con. Makeup and effects legend Tom Savini spent a hour taking fans on a walk though his career.

Tom started his talk with a 10 minute teaser for “Smoke & Mirrors,” an upcoming documentary film that covers his career.

Savini is best known for his gory effects in films such as Night of the Living Dead, Friday the 13th, and Creepshow. However, many of Tom’s fans appreciate his acting roles as well. As “Sex Machine” in Robert Rodriguez’ vampire cult classic “From Dusk ‘Til Dawn,”

It was great to hear about Tom’s inspirations. He mentioned cinema legend Lon Chaney, and makeup legend Dick Smith as major influences.

Tom spent time as a combat photographer in Vietnam, where he was exposed to the realism of gruesome injuries and death. He credits his time spent in that role as a valuable study in anatomy.

When asked what film moments scared him, he mentioned sequences from the Exorcist and Alien. He is quick to praise peers like Rob Bottin, Greg Nicotero, and the late Stan Winston. He called Rob Bottin’s work on John Carpenter’s “The Thing” the ‘Gold Standard’ of splatter effects.

Pick up a copy of Tom’s book “Grande Illusions” via the link below.


Stay tuned as we’ll be uploading photos of highlights from the Dragon Con Parade held in Atlanta, GA on 8/30/2014


“Ghostbusters: 30 Years of Mass Hysteria” fan panel at Dragon Con 2014

They’re Here To Save The World

If you have ever found yourself declaring ‘”Bustin’ makes me feel good,” you’d  feel right at home at a fan panel held at Dragon Con last evening.

“Ghostbusters: 30th Anniversary of Mass Hysteria” presented the perfect opportunity for Ghostbusters fans and enthusiasts to talk about what makes the film special to them.

Questions included:

  • What was your first experience with Ghostbusters?
  • Who is your favorite Ghostbusters character?

Many members of the panel spoke about how they discovered Ghostbusters as a child, and why it inspired them to become Ghostbusters enthusiasts later in life.

Chace Ambrose, a member of the Georgia Ghostbusters spoke about how he saw “Ghostbusters” and “Christine” around the same time and it inspired him to become a gearhead. As children, many of the panelists hacked their parents garden hoses and other household items to construct makeshift proton packs.

Members of Ghostbusters enthusiast group chapters from Alabama and Georgia talked about how they continue to celebrate the film as a hobby.

When the panel started to debate the potential desire for a third movie, a detailed discussion about the latest incarnation of the Ghostbusters videogame suggested that it, could in fact serve as what could have actually been the third movie.

Many fun facts were shared, such as:

    • Dan Aykroyd’s original script was much darker and was inspired by his family’s experiences with paranormal interests.
    • Eddie Murphy turned down a role in the film to star in Beverly Hills Cop.
    • It was originally planned that John Belushi and John Candy would be in the film.
    • Sony is re-releasing a 4k remastered print of the first film in theaters this weekend for a limited engagement.
    • New Blu-Ray versions with never before seen footage are coming!

The most quoted line in “Ghostbusters”…

“If someone asks you if you’re a god, you say YES!”

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