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The Second Screeners Show – Episode 11 – The Dark Knight Rises – The Review


The Dark Knight Rises – The Review!

Second Screeners Hosts Tim ArthurRyan Boyles, and Damond Nollan, ran the #TDKRlineparty for the crowd at the cinema, handing out over 500 free Batman comics, and prizes like t-Shirts, graphic novels, figurines, and mall gift cards. After all of the excitement of the party, the guys finally had a chance to watch The Dark Knight Rises at the IMAX premiere at Southpoint Cinemas in Durham, NC.

Following the film, the guys did a live audio review after the film outside the cinema. Want to hear what they thought of it?  Listen above!

This episode is NOT spoiler free! WARNING: SPOILERS!

The episode is recorded outside and there is a lot of ambient audio, but we wanted to capture our initial reactions immediately after seeing the film.


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