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15 Olympics TV Social Wrap Up


This week on the Second Screeners show, hosts Tim ArthurRyan Boyles, and Damond Nollan dish on the aftermath of the Olympics and their social graph impact, share what they’ve been watching, share news in the app ecosystem, highlight film news, and much more!

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Favorite stickers and badges of the week

What we’re watching…


  • Continuum


  • New: 
    • Lizard Lick Towing
    • Collection Intervention
    • Roast of Roseanne
  • Regulars: 
    • Perception
    • Covert Affairs
    • Alphas 
    • Falling Skies
  • Not watching – Olympics – so over it!


  • Breaking Bad
  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High

What is the favorite Into_now CapIt this week?

Twitter Hashtags during show segments – do they guide or fragment conversation?

Headlines we did not make up:

“NBC cuts away from Olympics opening ceremony to air sitcom with a monkey” – just google Olympics closing ceremony nbc monkey

Olympics Recap News

Questions from the Twitterverse

  • What agencies have “Social TV” as a primary focus?
    • Chad Elkins of Engauge responds as does Ryan…
  • Check out #SocialTV hashtag on twitter
  • Reference: Social TV company directory from Lost Remote

Film News

Our Apps, Your Apps, New Apps
The Lost Remote site tests brief video segment The Pulse in 6 ep mini-series

Our Apps, Your Apps, New Apps

  • Shazam exclusive content offers continue – plus discovering the music within the tv episode you’re watching is pretty cool.


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