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The Second Screeners Show – Episode 5 – Prometheus – The Review


Second Screeners Hosts Tim Arthur, Ryan Boyles, Damond Nollan, and their special guest Michael Render headed out to catch Prometheus on it’s opening night and did a live audio review after the film. Want to hear what they thought of it?  Listen above!

We headed to the multiplex to get you the lowdown on the anticipated new film from Ridley Scott, Prometheus! This episode starts out with some brief facts about the film, and then diverts into some spoilers and a full-depth review. Don’t worry, we warn you before divulging any spoilers, so you can stop listening at that point, then come back and hear the rest after seeing the film if you don’t want to know about plot elements!

Here’s an interesting blog post about what to expect from Prometheus. ***Warning: Spoilers!!!***




We’d love to hear your take on Prometheus if you have seen it! Let us know what you think of the show! Comment below!

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