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The Second Screeners Show – Episode 6 – Prometheus Perplexes


The Second Screeners are still hung up on discussing Prometheus. This week, hosts Tim Arthur, Ryan Boyles, and guest co-host Aaron K. White have another discussion about Prometheus and share other TV/Film and Social TV app news.  Listen above!


Walking Dead Marathon July 6-7 on AMC

  • airing S1E01 in Black and White, new Talking Dead

Warehouse 13 – July 23rd – SyFy


Loads of reaction to the Prometheus film on Miso and GetGlue!

Most comments and Likes of any items to date for Ryan:

Listen to Movies audio service for cubicle workers


Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
Check out the previous work of the Director Timur Bekmambetov of Russion epic movie Nightwatch and Daywatch fame (these films were first to make more $$ than Titanic in foreign market)

Prometheus in-depth discussion (Thoughts after the initial review)

Religious Angle

James Franco review (Source: )

Ridley and Damon deep interview

Cast interview

Roger Ebert calls this classic golden-age sci fi with rare 4 (out of 4) star review

Science perspective review

Prometheus end of credits teaser


We’d love to hear your take on Prometheus if you have seen it! Let us know what you think of the show! Comment below!

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