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The Second Screeners Show – Episode 8 – Blu-Ray Pet Peeves


This week, hosts Tim Arthur and Ryan Boyles talk about what bugs them about Blu-Ray, Sports Event Tech, Ryan Reynolds set to star in Highlander reboot, and more social tv/entertainment goodness. Listen above!

Apps / Tech

  • Hardware rant: Why does Blu-ray speed suck so bad? Also, additional FBI warnings coming…
  • Sports Event Tech: US Open – real-time photos and video from IBM Cloud to mobile devices >; Bound to be some social tv apps and stuff for Olympics right?


  • Jimmie Smits joins Sons Of Anarchy cast
  • Weeds final season premiere this week (July 1) on Showtime
  • Ryan has been watching Burn Notice, Falling Skies, and is looking forward to seeing the Louie Premiere
  • Tim has been catching up on True Blood season 5.


  • Ryan Reynolds cast as Connor Macleod in Highlander reboot
  • The Dark Knight Rises product promos – Mountain Dew “Dark Berry” – gamification micro-site
  • The Dark Knight Rises viral site
  • Share your thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises by clicking “Leave Us a Message” on the right sidebar of this page! You can record a message right from your computer. We may feature your responses on the show!

Upcoming events

  • Dark Knight Rises – Southpoint IMAX (Midnight Premiere Line Event) – more details coming here soon! Go ahead and Buy Tickets for Southpoint online as they will likely sell out!


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