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The Second Screeners Show – Episode 9 – Interview With Developer Jess Bowers / Mini-Review of The Amazing Spider Man


This week, hosts Tim Arthur and Ryan Boyles talk with Jess Bowers, developer of the terrific Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows app, Ryan shares his mini-review of The Amazing Spider Man, AMC’s Walking Dead marathon, and more! . Listen above!

What We’re Watching

Ryan – UEFA Euro 2012 Soccer, X-Games, Supernatural, Independence Day

Tim – Louie, 21 Jump St


  • Audience Poll: Where do you spend your “Social TV” time? – coming soon
  • Check out Social TV news stories – do any pop out?

  • Happy Fourth of July everyone – Instagram social holiday trends – 60K #independenceday vs 231K #4thofjuly
  • Netflix marked a major milestone in June with 1 BILLION hours of streamed video. – via @ReadWriteWeb

Geek Alert!!

  • Comic-con coming July 12-15, 2012!!!
  • Where is best streaming coverage?
  • What is the best second screen viewing?
  • NBC app has a channel.
  • Spike TV + Nerdist streaming coverage.
  • Walking Dead issue #100 comic book making a special release!


  • AMC: Walking Dead Marathon (and Ep 1 in B&W) with Talking Dead / Behind the Scenes on Season 3
    • ??The marathon kicks off on July 7 at 11:30 a.m. EST and concludes Sunday evening with a sneak peek at season three, along with a “black and-white” re-airing of the show’s original pilot episode.

  • #13 DaysofDead AMC twitter contest


  • Streaming: Bruce Lee rediscovered – Enter the Dragon – Ryan and his kids’ comments (also marathon on G4)
  • Amazing Spider-man mini-review – Ryan plus his kids’ comments

Apps / Tech

  • Spider-man Augmented Reality Apps – From Marketing to Books – ask for listeners feedback / experience. How do they extend this past the promo?

Special Guest Jess Bowers

Developer of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows iPad app

  • Great write up on the app:

  • Get the app in the iTunes App Store at:

  • Where is this movement going?
  • Syncing technologies (audio vs wi-fi)
  • What are the features that people really like?
  • Does this differ between properties or studios / shows vs networks?
  • One K studios – works across studios

Follow Jess on twitter:

Live Events

  • The Dark Knight Rises  midnight premiere reminder – teaser – 3:30AM IMAX slot added to Southpoint!!
    • IMAX for Southpoint is sold out!!

What’s Coming Up?

  • Debate preview: When are kids old enough for PG-13 and Doesn’t it seem big budget PG-13 event movies get away with a lot – when they really should be R?


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